Joob Joob Bakery


The Passion bakery started out as a designer cupcake specialist bakery. But then, due to popular demand (we don’t like to say no), we added wedding cakes, birthday cakes and novelty cakes to our list of services. Ten years later, under the watchful eye of our Creative Specialist, Anne, we have become one of the most trusted and sought after cakes specialists in Phuket.

Renowned for our creativity, consistency and commitment to serving excellence, we now make wedding cakes, designer cupcakes, designer birthday cakes and so much more for all sorts of events across Phuket and beyond.
Combined, our Creative Specialist, Anne and Operations Manager, Kea have a wealth of international experience working alongside renowned cake designers, bakers and cake decorators. Years of industry exposure has given them a deep and varied knowledge into various different baking and decorating techniques.

The creative team at our cake bakery have trained with most of the top cake decorators in the world including: ​
Faye Cahill Australia
Zoe Clarke London
Sugar World Academy Indonesia
The Caketress Canada
Eric Perez "Le Macaron" Thailand
Bespoke Sugarcraft Bangkok
Patricia Hardjopranoto Indonesia

So when it comes to wedding cakes, birthday cakes or really any kind of cakes, our team have learnt from the best!
When it comes to our cake bakery, we create anything and everything you could possibly imagine. Whether you want a multi-level Dr Seuss themed cake, a traditional 3-tiered wedding cake, wedding cupcakes, a personalised birthday cake made to look like the birthday boy or girl, or your favourite cartoon character, our dream team of specialist cake designers can make it for you. The only limit is your imagination!
There isn’t one occasion we can think of that wouldn’t be improved by the presence of a glorious cake. And the good news is that the Joob Joob bakery are experts in making cakes for all sorts of occasions and events. We’re not just a wedding cake bakery and we don’t just do wedding cupcakes. We can literally do whatever you need. So whether you want a cake for a bachelorette party, an office party, a business event, a kid’s birthday party, a wedding, anniversary or even just a particularly dreary Tuesday - Passion Bakery And Restaurant has got your back!
If you’re ready to make your dream cake a reality, get in touch with our fabulous cake designers today!