Gold drip painted Phuket birthday cake for Hubby

We were asked to create a special gold drip painted birthday cake with very specific colours in mind.

After some time discussing options on how best to represent the birthday boys colours we decided to best represent the interior of the cake (chocolate sponge, chocolate infustion, vanilla buttercream flavoured with Nutella and chopped caramelized hazelnuts) with different colour shades of chocolate shards – pink, white, cream, milk and dark.

Topped off with Ferrero Rocher chocolates, our crunchy meringues with a hint of lemon zest and our special chocolate drip glaze, the cake is now ready for the final touches.

After the glaze cools and sets firmly we brush it with edible gold dust powder imported from Australia – the powder is diluted with vodka for painting – all the alcohol evaporates quickly and leaves the gold dust adhered to the required surface.

We were happy with the result and so was the client.

All our birthday cakes are the result of close consultation with the client – we will create the look you want – just send us the photo and we’ll replicate it!