Custom designed birthday cake for a little girls Phuket birthday party at Phuket bakery

Pastel baby blue shades on this 2 tier custom designed Phuket birthday cake with little white polka dots and a giant icing ribbon, topped with a 3D cute little edible rabbit caricature
Phuket cake expert Anne at Passion bakery Kathu


Phuket birthday cake

This Phuket birthday cake was ordered by a Mum for her daughters birthday.


We discussed the design in detail and decided on the pastel blue shades would best compliment the 3D rabbit topper.


The bow is made of edible icing and takes a few days to dry, so people wishing to order this cake should do so at least 3 days in advance. This particular birthday cake was for a large party of 50 people, hence the 2 tier style, but can be made in single tier for smaller birthdays.


In fact the bottom layer on this cake is a “dummy” to avoid wasting cake and economize on the price.


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