The story of stunning 4 tier Marvel comics birthday cake in Phuket by Joob Joob designer cupcakes and more Kathu during Covid

The Story of a Phuket birthday cake

As required by law during Covid, private birthday celebrations have been largely curtailed – this has also directly affected private gatherings and we must only celebrate amongst immediate family members

This particular birthday boy had set his sights on having a big Marvel themed birthdaycake  party with all his friends – most of whom were in Bangkok at the time.

For a young boy awaiting his big birthday party, to discover the mandatory Covid lockdown has been enforced comes as a major disaster.

Phuket birthday cake with Marvel comics theme
Marvel comics multi tier birthday cake

Many of his friends could not come as they were stuck in Bangkok and could not fly due to permissions / and flights being full!

Fortunately for the birthday boy, his parents still managed to arrange a very small and private birthday party  – and he got to have his birthday cake too!

The very lucky boy was given a site on Pinterest to browse and find the cake of his dreams – and this is the one he selected!

The parents – being very health conscious but while wishing the birthday boy and his friends to be happy – requested us to find real Marvel superhero toys to decorate the cake so that the boy and his friends could all play with them together afterwards.

Each layer was as different flavour to accommodate a special request – one layer red velvet, one layer chocolate and the other layer vanilla.

PHuket superhero birthday cake

Cake Phuket Phuket bakery 4 tier 100 cm high birthday cake. We have discovered a new partner in our cake decorating business specializing in edible fondant prints – This Russian lady Elena formerly had a chocolate roasting and manufacturing business in Chiang Mai, and was the perfect person to assist us getting the famous Marvel comics “Pow” / “Wham” / “Boom” etc. signs printed.

Our talented cake decorating artist Khun Gob also joined in to touch up the  areas of this Stunning 4 tier Phuket birthday cake needing extra colour.

Cakes like this take considerable planning and coordination – Covid has also made things a little more difficult to receive cake supplies. The cake must first be baked and then allowed time to “set” to become firm enough to cut it. Once cut, we then add the infusion syrup into the layers of the cake and layer them with flavoured buttercreams. Once again, this cake must be allowed to set overnight as “carving” the cake cannot be done with soft fresh buttercream. As you will note in the photos, the cakes’ angles are not all flat  – some are cut on a bias to give extra dimension to the cake appearance. When cutting cakes on angles like this, we must ensure additional internal support is given to the cake otherwise it can easily topple over or worst still, not look 100% vertical.

Most of the Marvel superheroes – The Hulk, Ironman, Thor, Spiderman and Captain America – on top and around the cake were around 30 cm’s tall, and therefore not too stable when transported along the hilly and potholed roads of Phuket.   The final cake was assembled and touched up one more time at the villa where the party was held and we think it was a pretty stunning birthday cake – the client did “wow” when it arrived, so I think it was a success!

Furthermore when transporting this cake, we must have one person in the car holding the cake at all times to ensure all the work is not damaged en-route! The trick is for the person driving to remember there is a birthdaycake on board!

We are happy to report the cake made it in one piece to it’s destination and undamaged! (the bottom layer of the cake is a “dummy” – made from foam, as it would  simply be too much cake if all four layers were real for everyone to eat.,

We are thrilled to say the client was extra happy to receive her cake and the party was a great success.

Not all of this Stunning 4 tier Phuket birthday cake was eaten in the first round, but over the ensuing couple of days the remainder was quickly devoured by hungry young boys!

It is always a pleasure to receive orders for unique and special cakes like this one and we are delighted to say only a few days later another similar order was given to us – more on this birthday cake soon!

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The Marvel superhero birthday cake being carried by our cake decorating team Anne, Kea and Muay
The Hulk, Captain America, Spiderman, Ironman and Thor superhero birthday cake in Phuket

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