Introducing Gina dreaming happily of her wedding cake catering

3 tier red velvet semi naked wedding cake
We had to keep Gina away from this one – she looks ready to pounce! This Phuket private villa destination 3 tier wedding cake destined for Villa Aye in Kamalas famous “Golden Mile” is a simple but bold statement – with splashes of the red velvet sponge visible through the tight spreading of the vanilla buttercream scented with a hint of lemon. Complemented with fresh strawberries, both for colour and taste, this combination is one of the favoured choices for weddings in Phuket. Dramatic when photographed at night in villas with sea views, we also do this style in chocolate sponge with chocolate syrup infusion and vanilla buttercream. This style, commonly referred to as “semi-naked” is an economical and contemporary approach favoured by many of our international clients and can be done in 2, 3, 4 or 5 tiers, depending on the preference. Additionally we have learned how to make “big semi naked” cakes for smaller weddings economically by incorporating dummy tiers which look identical to the real wedding cake.  The semi naked style of wedding cake also does away with the traditional fondant covering, commonly seen in Europe and the US on wedding cakes. Using fondant on wedding cakes in Thailand, with its’ balmy “above 25C temperature for most of the year is necessary for some wedding cake designs, however when not used, fondant is not missed! We were very happy with the result of this wedding cake designed by the bride and hope you like it too! When we are fortunate enough to have both the wedding cake and the wedding catering, we will accompany this cake with a compote of fresh berries, whatever is in season. You can see by this lucky shot of Gina wanting to eat the whole cake (Gina will eat anything red of pink!) she is having a nice dream that maybe one day she’ll get the same cake for her wedding! A cake this size needs careful planning to ensure it is both fresh but also stable in the Phuket heat and humidity. Made too late and it will be soft, made to early and it has a chance to get dry (this is one reason why many wedding cakes are covered in fondant). Generally a semi naked we will start baking 3 days before. The following day, the wedding cake will be sliced, infused with whatever flavour we wish to add to compliment the sponge flavour, and then this same day we’ll buttercream it, then assemble the following day. This ensures a strong (i.e. stable) but fresh wedding cake. You may imagine a cake this size and weight is difficult to transport in Phuket with it’s traffic, bumpy roads, and especially steep hills….you’re right! It is! Invariably a two man job to transport such a cake and with very slow and careful driving.