Tips for Multi-Layered Wedding Cake

The most important tip for multi-tiered wedding cakes, especially very tall ones, is that they must be stabilised to avoid sliding, tipping or even caving in. And here, we are going to give you some tips on how to secure your wedding cake. Can you picture going to all the trouble of making and stacking the tiers only for the cakes to topple over or sink into each other when you transport the whole creation to the event? What a disappointment, let alone embarrassment to you. So, read on for those five invaluable tiered wedding cake tips.

1. Know Your Guest List

First things first… finalise your guest numbers. Your final creation might only serve around 100 to 120 guests but you are expecting 150 guests. Even if you are under the assumption that not everyone at a wedding eats cake, still cater for every guest. Some couples like to save the top tier too for their first anniversary – an old-fashioned tradition, but who doesn’t like wedding cake?

2. Stabilise The Stack
Wanting to know how to make a layer cake isn’t as complex as you might think but you must stabilise those cakes before you take it anywhere. To avoid cracking the icing, tiers should be layered either after at least two days of being made or once chilled. Without dowels, the top tiers will simply sink into the lower ones and there goes your tiered wedding cake – it’s not spilled milk you’ll be crying over. It will be spilled cake.

3. Chill The Cakes

Let’s rewind a bit here. Before stacking the tiered wedding cake, make sure you chill the cakes for at least 30 minutes ensuring the frosting is firm and easy to move. Plus, it will be easier to place the dowels in the cake if it has been chilled first.

4. Board The Cakes
When you were searching for wedding cake ideas, cake boards probably weren’t on top of the priority list. But they are an important tool in the stacking of cakes. They assist not only in stabilising the construction but make it much easier to place the layers on top of each other. Cut the cake boards or purchase them so they are the same size as the cake. You don’t want those boards peeping out. Also, make sure the board material is sturdy and won’t bend.

5. Using The Dowels
All ‘making a wedding cake tips’ will feature the word ‘dowel’ more than a handful of times. What is a dowel and why do you need to dowel a cake? Cylindrical rods, usually made from wood or plastic, dowels add stability to the cakes. When you stack a cake, you are not placing a cake on top of another but on top of the dowels contained within the cake. The dowels bear the weight of each cake. The golden rule is to use one dowel for every two inches of cake. A 16-inch cake will require at least eight dowels and a 10-inch cake will need six. You should place a dowel in the centre of the cake and additional dowels just inside the circle where the cake on top will sit.

And there you have it – follow these wedding cake ideas and tips, and we guarantee that you won’t be an embarrassment at the wedding, but you will have produced a creation that all guests will be in awe of.